Special Announcement:

Please help us help the thousand of families devastated by the Typhoon that has struck the Philippines. Our non-profit is looking for volunteers to help us raise funds to help this devastated region. If you can't volunteer, a small donation can go a long way. You can donate right on our website or mail your donation to P.O. Box 574, Union City, NJ 07087. You can also make a donation at: SOLT Foundation Crowdrise

Por favor ayudenos a ayudar las miles de familias devastadas por el "Typhoon" que ha abatido las Filipinas. Nuestra organizacion esta buscando voluntarios que nos a ayuden a recaudar fondos para ayudar esta region devastada. Si no puede ser voluntario, una pequena donacion puede ir lejos. Puede donar aqui o envie su donacion a P.O. Box 574, Union City, NJ 07087. Tambien puedes hacer una donacion en: SOLT Foundation Crowdrise

Help NowThe Philippines needs our help and yours!This family only has the resources for one meal per day.

How we help children through sponsorship

Sponsor a Child 8One of the goals of Saving One Life At A Time, Inc., a nonprofit organization, is to help poverty stricken children and families live healthier and happier lives. Saving One Life At A Time, Inc. matches children in need with caring individuals who are willing and able to provide life’s basic needs as well as the opportunity of a better life. Individual sponsorship of a child provides the child with adequate food, clean water, proper clothing, medical assistance and the tools necessary to get a good education and become a successful member of their society. With your help and your choice to become a sponsor, making a difference in the life of a child is just a click away.

Mobile Clinic, Dominican Republic

mobile-clinicIn 2001, the Dominican Republic established the Social Security Reform Law in an effort to improve the country’s health care standards and increase access to medical facilities. This law created a public health system to which 75% of the population depends on. Still, many remote regions of the Dominican Republic have limited access to adequate health care. Patients must travel to urban areas if they require emergency or specialized health services. Saving One Life At A Time, Inc. wants to provide these much-needed medical services to these regions. Join our cause by donating to help us acquire and implement a Mobile Clinic in this country.

Building A Brighter Future

In conjunction with distributing food, clothing, personal hygiene items, household items and supplies in an effort to better the lives of many children and families here in the United States, Saving One Life At A Time, Inc. wants to build a brighter future for many families in the countries of Haiti and Dominican Republic. A part of our mission is to raise enough funds to build and maintain a community center in each of these countries. These community centers will afford individuals, children and families a place to sleep, eat, receive medical care, job placement training, spiritual enrichment and other fundamental needs and services. We want to give single mothers the help they need to provide their children with the right intellectual, social, emotional and physical betterment. We want to give children the opportunity to get a good education. Allow them to be come good members of their society. We hope you choose to join our mission and give your donation to help us obtain the means to meet this end.